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About Us

Our company is headquartered in Singapore. We started to make activewear in 2011, and we have been in the sports field for 10 years.

But our business has always been mainly to serve local gyms and yoga studios. The reasons is that environmentally friendly fabrics are different from ordinary fabrics. It take more time to produce and our output was only enough to serve the local market. 

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19, our local gyms and yoga studios all closed, many of our members wanted delivery services, so we shifted our focus to the Internet.

Environmental protection does not mean high prices. We have seen many environmentally friendly brands on the Internet, but the prices are still relatively high for students. We hope to provide more favorable prices on the basis of maintaining quality, especially for students. Because I have a daughter, she is a A college student, and she is also a yoga enthusiast. She often tells me that her classmates complain that the price of sportswear is too high for them, but they must always update their sportswear, which is a big expense for them. That’s why the idea of ​​doing this brand was born.

I know that everyone can afford expensive sportswear, but there is a sense of hesitation. We hope that we can make sports enthusiasts buy them without hesitation. We also hope that people without sports habits can fall in love with sports when they choose us for the first time.

No hesitation to choose us, No hesitation to choose health!